Top 5 best Android smartphones in 2020

 Top 5 best Android smartphones in 2020

Top5zone selects the most effective Android phones on the market today, helping you discover the perfect Android smartphone quickly and simply, allowing you to save lots of money and be a sensible consumer.

If you're trying to find the most effective Android phone in 2020, you are doing n’t want to show the corner: what you would like may be a stylish, versatile, full-featured phone that may meet everything you wish ... then you're within the right place.

How to choose the most effective Android phone for you in 2020?

 the subsequent points are the key points when buying a mobile phone!

1 Processor (efficiency): In simple terms, it's just like the heart of a movable. The stronger the guts, the higher the performance.

2. Screen: The screen is maybe the foremost important a part of the whole tablet. Resolution, color quality, and refresh rate all affect the user experience.

3.Appearance: during this respect, Cun Cui looks at his personal preferences. 

4.Endurance: Endurance represents how often you wish to recharge, the longer the higher.

5.Accessories: Choosing a tablet with accessories and peripheral products can cause you to lots more convenient.

Top5zone may be a summary of the most effective Android movable recommendation list for 2020. select from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei and other companies that may best provide you with a high quality experience. However, so far, the most effective Android phones in 2020 don't seem to be necessarily the identical for everybody.

With this in mind, we cover a spread of various phone manufacturers, prices, features, and sizes. Therefore, regardless of what you're trying to find from an Android phone, you ought to be ready to find something of interest here.

Are you able to take a glance at the most effective Android phones of 2020? let's start

The 5 best Android Android phones of 2020

1.            SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS

                       samsung mobile feature is following below

1.   The weight of samsung galaxyS10plus  is 175g and size is 74.1 x 157.6 x 7.8mm.
2.   The system is android 9.0( pie).
3.   The Screen size is 6.4 inches.
4.   The Resolution are QHD+processor.
5.   The CPU model Qualcomm snapdragon 855/Exynos9820.
6.   The Memory Ram is 8GB.
7.   The Storage is 128GB.
8.   The Battery is 4100mAh.
9.   The Main lens triple 16Mp ultrawide angle , 12MP duel aperture and 12MP telephoto.
10 .The front lens is 10mp and 8Mp depth sensor.
11 .The price of Samsung galaxy S10plus is 164,999.


Recommended reason:

1. Amazing 6.4-inch.

2. Quad HD + AMOLED Up to 1.5TB space for storing via MicroSD card.

Excellent real-time focus function of the front camera.

If you're trying to find absolutely the best Android phone on the market today, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is your best option.

Not only is that this the fastest and most feature-rich Galaxy smartphone ever made by Samsung, but it's indeed different from the flagship phones of the iPhone and other competitors.

While other competitors are wanting to replicate the striking notch screen design on the iPhone, Samsung ’s Infinity-O design takes a really different approach. Admittedly, the Infinity-O design has both positives and negatives, and it'll definitely take it slow to adapt. However, it allows Samsung to equip the S10 Plus with a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel (the same size because the Galaxy Note 9), while reducing the physical size of the smartphone compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus with a 6.2-inch screen last year.

Finally, the new One UI package supported Android Pie has greater advantages than similar products like Huawei, LG or Sony. Although all folks want large screens on mobile phones, sometimes large smartphones are really annoying. to resolve this problem, One UI will transfer all the interface elements you really must the lower third of the touch screen the placement makes it easy to achieve
The Galaxy S10 Plus isn't perfect. There are some very fancy new photo modes. The Infinity-O screen design is mixed, and its maximum price is also as high as £ 1399. it's a top gauge model with 12GB RAM and 1TB of built-in storage. 

However, these don't prevent us from recommending it to you. For people who love Android phones, the Galaxy S10 Plus must be within your consideration.

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2.         HUAWEI P30 PRO

The features of  HUAWEI P30 PRO is following below 

1.   The weight of HUAWEI P30 PRO is 198 and size is 156.7 x 74.3 x 8.8 mm.
2.   The system is android 9.0 pie emui 9.1.
3.   The screen size is 6.47  inches.
4.   The resolution is 1,080 x 2,340.
5.   The Processor CPU is Kirin 980.
6.   The memory Ram is 6GB.
7.   The space is 128GB 
8.   The battery is 4200 mAh 
9.   The main lens is 40Mp , 20MP and 8Mp.
            10.The top front lens is 32MP.
            11. The price of Huawei P30 pro is 157,600.

Recommended reason:

Amazing camera system.
Large 6.47-inch display.
Fast under-screen fingerprint scanner.

If you're a photography enthusiast and just like the Android ecosystem instead of the iPhone, then traditionally, we are going to point you to Google ’s Pixel series of phones because these devices are known for his or her excellent camera systems. Although the Google Pixel continues to be a superb phone, the Huawei P30 Pro and its amazingly excellent four-camera system have appeared and are largely such as, or maybe superior to, the Pixel.

The P30 Pro isn't almost photography. it's an outsized 6.47-inch screen, a quick Kirin 980 CPU processor, and a long-lasting 4,200 mAh battery, helping to produce a comprehensive flagship experience.

Some aspects of the device cannot compete with another high-end phones in our greatest phone guide for 2019, like a better resolution screen on the Mate 20 Pro, a superb OLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy S10, and a stronger computer program, Or the brand appeal and simple use of the iPhone series.

except for many users, the P30 Pro's high-quality hardware kit, excellent camera system, and plenty of high-end features (such as a quick in-screen fingerprint scanner and reverse wireless charging) are enough to form it Stand out from the norm.

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The features of ONEPLUS 7T PRO is following below 

1.   The weight of ONEPLUS 7T PRO is 206g and size is 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm.
2.   The system is android 10 /OxygenOS.
3.   The screen size is 6.67 inches.
4.   The resolution is  1440 x 3120.
5.   The processor CPU is Qualcomm snapdragon855.
6.   The Memory Ram is 8GB/12GB.
7.   The mobile space is 256GB..
8.   The battery is 4085mAh.
9.   The main lens is 48Mp , 8Mp and 16Mp.
10.                 The Front lens is  16Mp.
11.                 The price of One plus 7T pro is 113,000.00.

Recommended reason:

Beautifully designed portable.
Meets 2019 high-end specifications.
Oxygen OS system is absolutely impressive.

If you're a photography enthusiast and just like the Android ecosystem instead of the iPhone, then traditionally, we are going to point you to Google ’s Pixel series of phones, because these devices are known for his or her excellent camera systems.

Although the Google Pixel continues to be a superb phone, the Huawei P30 Pro and its amazingly excellent four-camera system have appeared and are largely such as, or maybe superior to, the Pixel.

Other flagship phones may outperform OnePlus 7T Pro within the camera department, but OnePlus has been making progress during this regard. there's little doubt that the three-mirror rear camera on the rear of this phone is that the best OnePlus camera so far.

The only major disadvantage is that compared to the previous OnePlus 7 Pro, the upgrade isn't that great, but we are going to not be too frustrated. we glance forward to everything that OnePlus 8 brings.

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 4.     XIAOMI MI 9T PRO

The features of XIAOMI MI 9T PRO  is following below 

            1The weight of XIAOMI MI 9T PRO 191g 
            2.The size of this mobile is 156.7 x 74.3 x 8.8 mm
            3.The system is android 9.0 
            4.The screen size is 6.39 inches 
            5.The resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels
            6.The processor CPU is snapdragon 855
            7.The Memory Ram is 6GB- 8GB 
            8.The storage is 64 GB , 128 GB,256GB
            9.The battery is 4000 mAh 
            10.The main lens is 48 MP8 MP f / 1.8
           11. The front lens is 20 MP f / 2.2
                 12. The price of XIAOMI MI 9T PRO is 68,999.00.

Recommended reason: 

Flagship design.
Very powerful specifications.
The price is attractive.

This phone is predicated on the wonderful Xiaomi Mi 9 to feature more functions and features, including a pop-up front lens, which provides a surprising full-screen design.

Like its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro combines flagship specifications and style, which may guarantee a specific turnaround rate whenever you're taking out the phone, combining it with a sexy price This buzz price is sort of Buddha's heart!

Of course, there are still some disadvantages, like the shortage of waterproof and wireless charging, but at this price, it's really difficult to complain. Xiaomi continues to surpass itself time and time again, and indeed brings many concerns to traditional Apple, Samsung and Google.

If you'll tolerate the Android version of Xiaomi, then this phone will bring you top performance which will support years. The camera is additionally superb, in most cases (even in low light conditions), you'll get superb results.

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 5.           NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW

The features of NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW   is following below

              1.The weight of NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW is 172 and size is 155 x 75 x 8 mm.
               2. The operating system is android 9.0 pie.
               3.The  screen size is 5.99 inches .
               4.The resolution is 1440 x 2880.
               5.The pixels CPU is snapdragon 845 RAM.
               6.The RAM is 6GB.
               7.The space of this mobile is 128GB.
               8.The battery is 3320mAh.
                 9.The rear camera is it his have 5 rear camera in these mobile         which all of  12Mp
                10. The front camera is about 20 MP.
                11. The price of NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW is 109,999.

Recommended reason:

Five camera.
lens design With design aesthetics (more subjective).

Nokia 9 PureView has 5 rear camera lenses, yes, that is 5, which implies it can take superb photos (although your photography technology isn't ideal yet).

This phone isn't just a camera, Nokia ’s latest flagship device is provided with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB RAM, so even when taking 60MP photos, it'll not crash. 

You may recover specifications from other Android phones, but considering its price and also the quite attractive manufacturing quality, it's definitely worth an area on our list. 

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to conclude… After reading the list and ranking of the many of our recommended mobile phones, you need to have a specific understanding of the Android portable market in 2020, but the foremost important thing is, as mentioned at the start, the way to find an appropriate smartphone , Whether it's specifications, design, or budget, as long because it is suitable for you, you're happy to use it's (for you) the simplest portable.

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