Top5 healthcare gadgets 2020

     Top5 healthcare gadgets 2020

There are 5 type of health care gadgets following below

1 Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E)
2 Sencor SBD 1470
3 Medisana BU 512 (51162)
4 Microlife BP A6 PC AFIB
5 Citizen CHU 304

1.Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-)


Description, details –Omron M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E) Manufacturer:

Omron Model: M3 Comfort (HEM-7134-E) Omron introduces the M3 Comfort as a new addition to its wide range of blood pressure monitors. This device works with the unique, specially designed cuff of Omron - Intelli Wrap Cuff. Thanks to the innovative design, the measuring area of ​​this cuff completely covers 360 degrees, providing accurate measurements in every position of the cuff above the elbow.

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  2. Sencor SBD 1470


Description, details - Sencor SBD 1470 Manufacturer: Sencor Model: SBD 1470 Features: 

Fully automated blood pressure monitor Easy to use Memory: 60 measurements + date and time memory Graphical representation of blood pressure in 6 levels Heart rate measurement Wrist circumference: 13.5-19.5 cm Large LCD display Low battery indicator Clinical tested Alkaline batteries: 2x1,5V (AAA LR03) Product also known as SBD1470.

3. Medisana BU 512 (51162)



Description, details - Medisana BU 512 (51162) Blood pressure monitor Medisana BU 512, Germany Characteristics: 

Accurate and fully automated measuring device above the elbow Display of elements: systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse, date and time Arrhythmia indicator (irregular pulse) The measurements are classified according to the rating health organization using the color scale on the principle of traffic lights Signal for dangerous high blood pressure (hypertension) - the results of ...

4. Microlife BP A6 PC AFIB


Description, details - Microlife BP A6 PC AFIB Manufacturer: Microlife Model: 

BP A6 PC AFIB With a prestigious product PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for 2017 in the category "Medical product" It has a unique, clinically proven Afib home monitoring technology that detects the cause of thrombosis and stroke by registering atrial fibrillation arrhythmia at home AFIB technology is active in single measurement and triple measurement mode (MAM mode). Memory of 99 measurements with date and time for two ...

5. Citizen CHU 304



Description, details - Citizen CHU 304 Blooden blood pressure monitor Citizen CHU 304 Installation:

 Above the elbow Muff 22 to 32 cm Memory function for 99 measurements Average reading from the last 3 measurements Hypertension indicator Cardiac arrhythmia indicator Large LCD display Automatic shutdown Time and date Measuring method : Oscillometric system Measurement range: Blood pressure: 0 to 300 mmHg Pulse: 40 to 180 beats / min. Accuracy: Blood pressure:positive and negative 3mmHg Pulse:positive and negative 5  beats / minute ...

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